Dear Patient,

     We audiologists around the United States have formed a network of private practice clinics that want to help you with your hearing health care. Our network of audiologists got together to offer two main services.

     First, we would like to offer you information shared on our websites and in social media on hearing health care, Tinnitus, hearing technology updates, hot topics in hearing and general hearing information from around the US. These are exciting times where we audiologists in private clinics are able to get to know one another easily from social networks and thus offer our patients better care. This is something new and exciting for you all that you can-not find in larger practices! Enjoy the information.

     In addition, we are also bonding together so that when you find yourself in another state and need some hearing health care you have a trustworthy place to go get some services for a reasonable price. This is especially true for those of you who travel south during the winter months. We know that you want to feel comfortable reaching out to clinicians who are like your provider!

The following are promises we make to you!


The audiologists in this network promise to abide by our Ethical audiology standards according to our profession.


The audiologists in this network will be transparent with you, helpful, Knowledgeable and professional.

Best Practice:

The audiologists in this network will provide best practice techniques according to our profession.

Welcome all: 

All audiologists promise to welcome you and all to their practices.

Audiologists will work together:

The audiologists in this network promise to treat other audiologist patients’ like their own patient.  The audiologists will work together to help one another as well and be kind and considerate to one another even if we disagree on an opinions of technology.

The Blogs and information we share:

The information we will share with you all will be professional in nature however you must understand that there is some opinion involved. All us audiologists come from different parts of the US and have different opinions on what our patients like. Some of us may prefer to use a different type of tinnitus treatment for example.

Listed are the following audiologist in our network and their contact Information.  


Oro Valley Audiology and Grace Hearing Center, Judy Huch, Audiologist AuD AZ License #DA1466,


La Cañada Hearing Aids & Audiology, Kevin Ivory, Audiologist Au.D., CA License # 2924,,

Doctors of hearing,  Norma Camacho,  Audiologist Au.D.,  CA License # 2488


Audiology Service and Hearing Aid Center, Mandi Solat , Audiologist Au.D., Co License #318

Longmont Hearing & Tinnitus Center, D'Anne Rudden, Audiologist Au.D., Co License #172,

The Audiology METHOD, Julie Link, Audiologist Au.D.,
Co License #725


Best Life Hearing Center, Jennifer Micacci, Audiologist Au.D., CT License #000346


Harbor City Hearing Solutions, Liz White, Audiologist Au.D., Fla License # AY1383,,


Coastal Audiology & Hearing Aid Center, Dawn H. MacMillan, Audiologist Au.D.,
Ga license # AUD003683


Advanced Audiology Concepts,  Dawn Heilman, Audiologist Au.D., IL License # 1470001250

Central Illinois Hearing, Ltd., Jaclyn McFadden, Audiologist Au.D.,
IL License #: 147.001594


Hometown Hearing & Audiology, Brandy Weaver, Audiologist Au.D., IN License #23002531A


Davenport Audiology/HAC,Inc, Mike Hartman, Audiologist Au.D., IL License # 147000009


Lagniappe Hearing, Angela Ponthier, Audiologist Au.D., LA License #4134


Blue Crab Hearing Care, LLC Caleb McNiece,  Audiologist Au.D., MD license # 01325


Community Hearing Center, Kelli Bogue, Audiologist Au.D.,  MI License # 1601000599


Chears Audiology Minneapolis, Kim E Fishman, Audiologist M.A., MN License # 6400


Norfolk Audiology, P.C., Katie Gamerl, Audiologist Au.D, NE license # 213,,

New York

Hadassah Kupfer, Au.D. Hadassah Kupfer, Audiologist Au.D., NY license #0026041.

North Carolina

Hearing Health Care Services, Shelly Cristobal, Audiologist Au.D.,  N.C. license # 9071


Sounds of Life Hearing Center, LLC - Sarah Curtis, Audiologist


Back Mountain Hearing Care, Kayla Bloom-Trosky, Audiologist Au.D, PA License # AT066466

Premiere Speech and Hearing , Debbie Lombardi, Audiologist Au.D and Speech Pathologist SLP, PA Licenses #s AT001000L & SL007891


Ahlberg Audiology and Hearing Aid Services,
Tiffany Ahlberg, Audiologist Au.D., TN License #1246

Choice Audiology, Rebekah Tripp, Au.D., TN License #1641,


ClearLife Hearing Care,  Brad Stewart, Audiologist, Au.D., TX License # 80493,